Parisian Style

So I haven’t written a blog post in a while, I’ve just been so busy shooting for my photography course and also being a tourist in Paris! You may have guessed now that this blog is based on Paris due to not only what I just told you but also down to the title of the post. I visted the amazing city last weekend and simply had one of the best weekends visiting all the attractions with the most amazing person too but as much as I want to ramble on to you about each moment I spent there, I want to share with you some of my favourite outfits I chose to wear seeing as it is known as the fashion capital of the world.

As wonderful as the city was, it was also extremely cold so I had to try and dress warm but it still worked as my first outfit will prove to you. I simply paired a dark khaki coloured slouchy jumper with a pair of high waisted ripped knee jeans, which may confuse you as surely my knees would get cold but with the knitted jumper hung over my shoulders and a few other items, it didn’t matter that I had a bit of flesh slightly exposed to the air, plus I couldn’t not wear my favourite pair of jeans! I added a duster jacket to the outfit, as it is one of my favourite winter items for the season, as well as a fur scarf around the collar to add some class to the outfit. A pair of sleek black chelsea boots and a black faux pony hair bag to finish off the outfit. Of course I can’t forget the lipstick shade, which was Pink Plaid, a light natural colour to brighten up the outfit but not too much colour that it would drag attention away from the clothes.

paris 1

So, there’s my first outfit for the weekend which I thoroughly enjoyed wearing around the city but lets move onto my next favourite of the weekend! I’ve become very into the layering of clothes such as tops under dresses which you usually wear alone but since the introduction of pinafores and dungarees in the summer, I’ve found you can also do it with a normal dress! Here I have layered a black ribbed high neck top underneath an ombre grid print dress to create a very Parisian style effect on the outfit. I overlayed it with my duster coat to add sophistication to the outfit, enhancing it with a darker shade lipstick, this time going from the light neutral pink to a deep plush red colour from the MAC collection I store in my make up bag.

paris 2

There were two of my favourite outfit choices, I’m going to show one more to you which I picked out from the variety I wore in the city of Paris. I have quite an obsession with roll neck tops, not only because they keep your neck warm but I think they can change a style of outfit so easily and make it look so appealing. I wore a stripy roll neck top and wore it with a 90s style button down skirt which seems to have made its way back into the 21st century fashion! Again, it was worn with a duster coat and the sleek black chelsea boots as well as accesorised with the faux pony fur bag. All my outfits were styled to match the accessories because unfortunately my tiny suitcase didn’t have enough space to fit half of my wardrobe that I would have liked to bring! However, the simplicity of the colours worked well to match each outfit and this one was accesorised with a plush red velvet scrunchie in the hair and again, a natural shade of lipstick named 3

There are three of my favourite outfits which I styled in the wonderful city, I hope you like each one and it inspires you with your own outfit styling, thank you for reading x

1 Green knitted jumper Topshop 2 Black washed ripped joni jeans Topshop 3 Cocoon coat Missguided 4 Faux fur scarf New Look 5 Black chelsea boots H&M 6 Black faux pony hair clutch bag Faith 7 Pink Plaid lipstick MAC 8 Black ripped polo neck top New Look 9 Hollyana sleeveless dress in vertical square Motel Rocks 10 Du Bonnet lipstick MAC 11 Striped turtle neck top American Apparel 12 Black suede button down skirt Topshop 13 Mocha lipstick MAC 14 Red velvet scrunchie American Apparel