Silk, Silk, Silk

Everyone has a favourite material to wear in the different seasons. Coming into 2015, my material for the winter season is silk which I’m going to highlight in this blog post. My interest started by browsing through the Topshop website, which is my all time favourite shop and fills up half of my wardrobe! I didn’t realise how fond I was of silk clothing, I always thought it was more of a pyjama material, yet whilst browsing through their website I found myself picking out a number of items which all were made out of silk so here are a few of my options!

My first obsession is Topshop’s range of silk shirts by Boutique. Not only can you dress them down with a pair of jeans and boots in the day, you can dress them up with slick black trousers and stilettos paired with a clutch for a night out. They have a range of four colours; grey, cobalt, peach and light blue which I have paired with a plain black pair of cigarette trousers from River Island. I’ve also put a pair of black fluffy stilettos with them to add a bit off a different texture to the outfit and then to finalise the outfit I’ve accesorised it with a black clutch and a gold chain from Whistles, giving you a sleek and classy outfit for the evening!


You can also find a range of silk dresses from Topshop by Boutique which you can accesorise with shoes and bags or even jewellery to style for any event your dressing for. I’ve chosen a blue silk kimono dress as the main icon of this evening outfits i’ve put together. The colour of the dress is a bright blue colour which will make you look bold so simple black accesories will bring the outfit together. It seems that knee high boots are once again being brought back into popularity, so I picked out River Island’s own black suede pair to add to the dress and add a 90s look. I’ve also accesorised the outfit with a cream textured clutch from Aldo to add variety to the black accesories. And of course you can’t forget that certain shade of lipstick! I’m a big lover of MAC lipstick as there is such a variety of colour to compliment your outfit, so for this outfit, instead of going for a light shade for the lips, I went for a deep purple to bring the night into the outfit.


I hope you’ve enjoyed me blabbering on about silk, probably said the word so many times its going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, but I hope the outfits I’ve created are an inspiration to your own choices in what you wear, let me know what you think!

1 Grey silk shirt Topshop 2 Cobalt silk shirt Topshop 3 Peach silk shirt Topshop 4 Blue silk shirt Topshop 5 Cigarette trousers River Island 6 Rivington lizard chain clutch Whistles 7 Black fluffy stilettos Boohoo 8 Silk kimono wrap dress Topshop 9 Chunky sole over the knee boots River Island 10 Oversize wallet Aldo 11 Smoky Purple lipstick MAC