Suiting up

I’ve decided to mix up my posts a bit recently to talk more about personal thoughts and feelings rather than just explaining an outfit you can already see in pictures. I’m going to carry this on throughout future posts, so let me know if there is anything you love hearing people talk about! However, this is a bit of both as I’m talking about how I sometimes feel motivated in what I wear.

I love when a good trend hits the fashion industry and it seems currently that co ords are making a comeback in the style of suits. I’ve always associated suits with workwear and never looked twice at them in stores. But lately I’ve started looking again after seeing so many girls pulling them off.



The one issue I have though is that when I want something I don’t buy it straight away and then it goes out of stock, typical eh. So then I spend hours trying to find another version and get a bit too sad when I can’t find anything. How is it that you want something even more when it’s gone!?

However, I finally found one (as you can tell…)! Good old H&M bringing this smart plaid blazer and trousers into the palms of my hands. I’m not going to lie but I worried that I may not look very feminine in it and it wouldn’t suit me (pardon the pun) but I tried it on and I felt like a girl boss in it and strangely felt a little motivated to be productive…

I don’t know if it’s just me but I have different styles of clothes that make me feel different when wearing them. For example, in one set of clothes I can dress up and suddenly feel like an urge to be productive and get things done and then in another set, I just want to chill out and relax. Don’t forget the set of clothes that I want to go out and drink wine in.


So girls, if you’re feeling a bit deflated and need something to pump you up. Get yourself a suit, put it on and bring that strong, independent woman out! Getting a bit carried away here, apologies, but you get what I mean.

Have you got yourself a suit co-ord? What do you think of the trend? I’ve linked a few alternatives below that you can find.


Blazer H&M / Trousers H&M / T shirt ASOS / Belt H&M / Bag Topshop / Trainers Amazon

Some other co-ords that I’m loving:

New Look





Nasty Gal