Lush Haul

I don’t know about anyone else but in the Winter my skin gets incredibly dry. I’ve been suffering with a constant dry rash for a few weeks now and decided to try something natural to help with it. Hence, the Lush haul. I’ve always walked past their stores and adored their smells but never brought myself to walk inside and purchase something until now (apart from the fact I actually ordered online!).

Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub £7.95

The first item I looked at was their Ocean Salt scrub. I read amazing reviews on how it makes your skin feel refreshingly clean and wanted to give it a try. I agree with the reviews! My skin is very sensitive at the moment so I was a bit hesitant on scrubbing my face with such a harsh product but it’s worked wonders. It’s perfect for dry skin as it grates away at the dead skin making you feel moisturised and soft. However, I would only recommend small handfuls  due to the coarse bits of salt and to only use it twice a week when you feel like your skin needs replenishing.

Prince Charming Shower Cream £4.95

This shower gel smells amazing! It’s a subtle scent of pomegranate and marshmallows with vanilla extract. It may sound like an odd mix but the smell is divine and makes your skin feel so soft that you don’t want to wash it off. I only purchased a small bottle of 100g but once I’ve made my way through it, which I definitely will at this rate, I will be purchasing a much bigger bottle.

Happy Hippy Shower Gel £3.95

Happy Hippy also has a very  fruity scent in the form of grapefruit which still lingers on your skin after you’ve stepped out of the shower. This zesty fragrance is perfect for the mornings when you need waking by its fruitiness. Again, I only bought a 100g bottle which I think is certainly enough as you don’t need much of it to keep the smell going.

9 To 5 Cleanser £5.10

Another cleanser I purchased was 9 To 5. I wanted a cleanser which was softer on the skin in order to take my make up off whilst leaving my skin feeling clean. This was it! It’s made up of almond oil and dove orchid cleansing milk which works soothingly when blended into the skin, making you feel moisturised. Perfect to use at the end of a long day at work.

Lush is known for it’s eccentric bath bombs and just like anyone else I love having baths. I can’t remember the last time I have used a Lush bath bomb but I know there scents are perfect for a soothing bath so I purchased a few for myself to relax in. They are definitely worth the few pounds that they cost and I will definitely be buying more.


Romance In A Stone £3.50

This is a smaller bath bomb that Lush has released from their kitchen. As soon as you take it out of the bag it releases its floral scent which smells so fresh with a hint of orange. Rose petals are released when it fizzes away in the water, as well as a sonnet that has been hidden within the bath bomb making the experience romantic.



Lover Lamp £3.95

I wish I had picked up more than one of Lover Lamp. It has a beautiful smell of vanilla and chocolate orange which relaxes you as soon as you smell it. It turns your bath water into a milky white whilst it releases little confetti hearts and three larger hearts which are perfect for rubbing into your skin to moisturise. The scent lingers on your skin for a while after, making you feel fresh for the rest of the day.



Twilight £3.50

It looks pink on the outside but once placed in water it bursts open with a violet colour and tiny flecks of glitter. The bath bomb is huge so you could split it into two baths or just one bathing experience. This was my least favourite due to its scent. I’m not a massive fan of the lavender scent but I wanted to try it due to the reviews about the explosion it creates in the bath and I wasn’t disappointed.



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