3D Printed Fashion

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So, Paris Fashion Week has just finished and I have been looking through images of some of the amazing designs that were hitting the catwalk. However, what captured my eye the most were 3D printed designs that are starting to make its way into the world of fashion.

These designs are being made by professional company’s such as Shapeways, a 3D company based in NYC, to then be interpreted by some of the fashion icons in the world. Additive manufacturing has evolved since its birth in the early 1980s and is now being used across most industries, including fashion. A design will be created on a 3D modelling software which is then passed onto Shapeways where the additive manufacturing machine (3D printers) reads the file and creates a 3D object by layering materials such as plastics, metals or ceramic.

An example of an object being printed by Shapeways in their New York City factory was a dress designed by Nervous system. Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg created the Kinematics Dress which is made of thousands of panels connected by hinge joints and fluidly folds and to mould to the shape of the body when it is worn. Below is a picture of the dress that was created in motion.


Image taken from the Shapeways blog.

Iris Van Herpen also used 3D printing and magnets to reveal 3D garments and accessories of her Spring Summer 2015 collection at her show during Paris Fashion Week. The outfits that were created were fierce as they strutted down the catwalk and showed the audience how 3D printing works in fashion. 3D printing edges its way further and further into fashion as the industry becomes more technologically advanced through a new revolution of design. Below are a few images of Iris Van Herpens creations.

Iris-van-Herpen-Spring-Summer-2015_dezeen_468_7 Iris-van-Herpen-Spring-Summer-2015_dezeen_468_29 Iris-van-Herpen-Spring-Summer-2015_dezeen_468_8