Louis Vuitton Series 3 – Past, Present, Future

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On Wednesday I visited Louis Vuitton’s Series 3 exhibition held in London and all I can say is that it was truly extraordinary! This exhibition follows on from Series 1 and Series 2, inviting you to see inside Nicolas Ghesquière’s creative process as the Artistic Director for women’s collections at Louis Vuitton. The exhibition immerses you into the process from stitching garments together to models walking down the catwalk and its an amazing experience to have had.

Entering the exhibition, you learn about the designer and how his ideas are brought to life by hand. Through futuristic rooms, you get an insight on how Louis Vuitton handbags are made (you even get to watch someone putting a Louis Vuitton clutch bag together!). Then you enter the next room where it projects the new collection and the runway show on big screens surrounding you as if you were at the show yourself. The next room is the accessories room where it’s all a blank white canvas apart from the bags and shoes which catch your eye immediately. After deciding that one day you will blow all your savings just to own a Louis Vuitton handbag, you walk through to the walk-in-wardrobe where a few Louis Vuitton clothes hang in a mirrored room.

The exhibition ends in a room full of fashion images camouflaging the walls. This exhibition was definitely worth the visit and I would recommend you going to see it, especially as its free! However, only two more days and then it will move on but I always like to keep an eye out for fashion exhibitions in London and any chance I get I visit to write a blog post on it. All pictures below were taken by myself.


Entrance to the exhibition.


The runway show.

IMAG0143 IMAG0144 IMAG0145 IMAG0146 IMAG0148 IMAG0149

The accessories room.


IMAG0152 dscn2743 IMAG0150

Walk in wardrobe.