2019 in review

So here we are, in the next decade and I’ve succumb to writing a cliche first post of the year reviewing the previous one. I just wanted to share what I got up to and what I achieved in 2019. Looking back on the goals I set myself a year ago, I can happily say I’ve achieved 75% of them and those I didn’t achieve I’ve either scrapped or just carried them into 2020’s list. No point putting myself down about them as sometimes things simply take longer to achieve and there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially as my list is almost double the size this year…

New job

I decided last year it was time for me to progress my career and move from one job to another. I was at my previous job for 3 and half years and it was my first role in marketing so I thought it was the best time to increase my experience elsewhere. Honestly I wasn’t 100% happy there and I felt I deserved to enjoy what I’m working on 9 to 5. So I started a new role in Brighton and I’ve been there almost a year now, in which I’ve got comfortable and can say I’m now enjoying what I do. I must admit at first I found it quite horrible moving from one comfort to a new one and I was so emotional with dealing with the change I spent my whole first week crying. It was so unnerving going from a company I had grown confidence within and gained a good group of friends I had made, to a whole new environment where I felt I had to start from scratch. But I look back on myself now and laugh at how fine it all was and how it really didn’t take long for me to learn the new company and feel at ease. So yeah, one of the first goals I achieved last year and I’m glad I did.

Moving out

So I’d say my biggest achievement last year was finally becoming independent after living with my parents for 23 years and moving out into my own place with Harry. I found it really odd at first, especially after living in the same house for 18 years and having to get used to not seeing my parents every day, as much as they say I was hardly there anyway! When I do go to theirs I still get a bit emotional (as you may tell by now, I’m an emotional character when it comes to change) and will always miss it, I also like to still call my old room ‘my room’. But I am loving being a grown up and sharing a flat with my boyfriend and there’s even been the words ‘mortgages’ and ‘a house’ flying around in conversations which is rather a big deal…

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Best holiday ever

This wasn’t a goal I set myself but I genuinely went on the best holiday ever last year. I spent two weeks in Florida and visited all the Disney and Universal parks and lived the Disney dream. Although it was the hottest weather I’ve ever experienced and I genuinely felt like I was melting every hour, it was the most fun I’ve had. When it comes to Disney, me and Harry are both big kids and almost have the whole set of DVD’s… I even queued up surrounded by 10 year olds and younger to get a picture with Olaf and I didn’t even care. I spent two weeks eating so much greasy American food, which was amazing even though I felt I put on a stone every time I ate. And still to this day have holiday blues so I would class that as an achievement. I wrote a post last year on my Florida outfits and you’ll be able to see some parts of the places I visited in the background if you want to take a look or feel free to message me for some recommendations if you’re thinking of going yourself!

Tough Mudder

I ended 2018 completing two 10 mile runs and a half marathon and entered 2019 wanting a bigger challenge. A marathon was definitely not the challenge I was looking for so instead I signed up to a rather tough obstacle course and completed Tough Mudder in May 2019. The achievement wasn’t just that I climbed over walls twice the size of me or jumping in freezing water and bruising my muscles but all the training that led up to it. I went from just running to increasing my cardio and building muscle strength in my weak, pathetic arms. I was going to show a comparison picture but I can’t quite bring the confidence to do so, maybe this year I will when I get back in the game following Christmas.

What’s in store for 2020

So as mentioned, I’ve got a list of goals for 2020 with a variety of small and big objectives. I want to continue maintaining the exercise and strength I gained last year by signing up to two more physical events this year. Still undecided whether that will be Tough Mudder again or a new challenge. This is also the year I want to focus on what my dream job is and where I want to go with my career, especially if I’m going to be looking at applying for a mortgage in time to come (eek). And then there are the smaller ones such as continue learning Spanish (which I began last year), learning a new skill and cooking new dishes, reading at least 20 books over the year and hopefully more and also becoming less consumed by fast fashion and more sustainable with my clothes shopping.

What were your achievements in 2019 or the most exciting things that happened to you? I’d also love to hear what you’ve got planned for this year and if you have a list of goals you’d like to achieve, what’s on it!

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Outfit details: Jacket Zara / Boiler suit ASOS / Boots Dr Martens / Bag Gucci / Hat Topshop