Travel diaries: Nerja on film

I’ve decided I want to blog more about my travels, not only for readers but also as another place to keep memoirs. I don’t know about you but I much prefer finding out about things to do or places to go through other people’s experiences rather than what Google always recommends.

I recently came back from a glorious week away in sunny Spain down in the town of Nerja. Nerja is situated along the southern coast of Costa Del Sol, about an hour from Malaga airport. Originally I wanted to stay in the beautiful little town of Frigiliana, but Harry couldn’t be away from the beach which Nerja has plenty off with the cultural charm too. I usually take my film camera away on holiday as I like the old fashioned method of keeping memories in a photo album, as well as the effect 35mm creates. So, here are some shots from my holiday and recommendations of where to go if you ever decide to visit Nerja.

Balcon de Europa

In the centre of Nerja, sat on the coastline is the Balcon de Europa (The Balcony of Europe if you were unsure), which is the iconic landmark and focal point of the town. I didn’t know this whilst I was there but the balcony is built upon a former fortress and gun battery and was given it’s name by a King – which explains the statue of a King sat on the promenade. The reason it is so popular is because of the viewpoints you see of the coastline, which is definitely a sight to see at sunset and on a clear day. It’s also the main spot for plenty of places to eat or drink, a few we visited which were amazing was a Cuban tapas restaurant called Julies & Valeri’s and a mexican called Cielito Lindo (both very Spanish…).

Playa Burriana

There is plenty of beaches surrounding the town with the biggest being Playa Burriana, which was luckily only a short walk from our AirBnB. As our apartment didn’t have access to a pool, we spent the majority of our days sunbathing on this beach. I’m usually not a massive fan of sand but what I liked about Playa Burriana was instead of the annoying fine sand which gets everywhere you didn’t want it to go, it was tiny pebbles so it was much less frustrating to have to deal with. If like me you prefer a busier environment, then this was the beach to visit and like much of the meditteranean sea, it was a beautiful see-through blue. Again, with plenty of restaurants situated along it where we got to watch flamenco whilst having a refillable plate of paella for 8 euros at Ayos.




Originally I wanted to spend the week here due to it being famous for its beautiful, picturesque aesthetic. Only a 15 minute drive from Nerja and is known for its Moorish old quarter and narrow streets. We decided to take a day trip to the charming town on the one day it ended up being cloudy and spent the majority of it getting lost in the streets taking pictures of every turning we faced, whilst admiring the cute houses and pretty ceramics hanging from the walls.


After wandering around for a couple of hours, we found a restaurant slightly up the hill with a rooftop terrace called La Tahona. They had a great deal of 10 tapas for 18 euros for lunch, which we weren’t going to say no to. They were all small dishes that we possibly wouldn’t have chosen ourselves originally but were rather tasty and did not disappoint. It would have also been a perfect spot to watch the sunset if the day hadn’t been cloudy. We then spent the rest of the afternoon in a small wine bar, Vinos el Lagar, in the centre of the town where you could enjoy a glass of wine or two for one euro, exactly how much a glass of wine should be – if only in England eh…

Restaurante 34

This was by far the best restaurant we enjoyed food at. It was actually recommended by others before we went and we decided to book a table, which was a good idea otherwise we wouldn’t have had a chance as it was packed out! We were seated at a table outside by the evening lit pool, with an archway of vines around our seats so it was a lot more private from other tables and rather romantic… I didn’t get any images on my film camera of the food as the lighting was rubbish at that time of night, but it was the most delicious food I’ve tasted. We shared starters of battered prawns and a beetroot and goats cheese tart and then for main I had Turbot fish whilst Harry had suckling pig, which he says was just as amazing as it sounds. All accompanied with a bottle of red and a Spanish band serenading us. 

These were the main bits I loved about the holiday, as well as eating a lot of paella and just taking in the Spanish culture in general. And as a typical fashion blogger, I loved getting dressed up in the evenings for dinner and taking pictures of my outfits which I’ve shared a few below, which I also managed to shoot on film. 

Now it’s time to leave summer in the past and settle into autumn. I will miss the holidays I’ve enjoyed in the sun this year and will be envious of those still enjoying it. Let me know if you’ve been to Nerja and what you enjoyed about it or if you’re planning to go!