Summer staples

So it’s a new season, which means an excuse to revamp your wardrobe, right? Well it would be if you have the room in your wardrobe and I must admit, mine’s pretty tight… but that won’t stop me and it hasn’t, especially now I work in Brighton with all the stores drawing me in every lunchtime. And I love buying summer clothes, they’re so much more exciting than any other season. Which has led to me wanting to do a post on my favourite summer trends and my staples of the season.

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Bringing tie dye back

I find it so easy to slip into just wearing simple colours all year round but this year I’ve been trying to vamp up the colours of my wardrobe. This is coming to be quite easy with the amount of tie dye floating around. I used to love grabbing a white tee from Primark and wrapping it up in elastic bands before dipping into multiple buckets of coloured dye. But as I’ve grown out of the energy to be creative, like I was as a teenager, I’m settled for buying pre-made tie dye from high street stores. I’ve been pairing oversized tie dyed t-shirts with cycling shorts, layering tie dye dresses with a plain tee and doubling up denim with tie dye jackets. If you’re looking for a look that is giving off a summer/festival vibe, then this is it! I’ve linked some of my favourite tie dyed items below.

Playsuit Warehouse | Shirt & Shorts & Other Stories | Denim Jacket Zara | Dress Zara

Ditsy florals

Does anyone else find it can be quite difficult looking for cute skirts and dresses in the warmer seasons? Might just be me because I’m fussy but I always picture those little vintage floral dresses but can never find the perfect one. Well, this year there is almost too many to choose from!? Urban Outfitters and Topshop are on trend with this in the style of tea dresses and ruffle skirts. I found this cute daisy print ruffle skirt from Urban Outfitters and I’ve styled it with, again, plain vests and tees. Also as you saw in my previous post, Florida Lookbook, I managed to grab the infamous Austin dress from Topshop in the bright floral pattern and they’ve now brought out mini versions in loads of cute floral patterns – perfect!

The all white look

Now this is a dangerous style to go for but it looks great. It’s funny how if you wore two of the same colour in any other shade, it never quite works out, but white on white just works perfectly. You do need to be tactical when deciding what to wear, on a night out drinking would be a big no! However, it does have such a sleek and classy essence to it and I’m all for it. I’ve linked some of my favourite white clothing that I feel would complete this look for you.

Cardigan ASOS | Trousers Stradivarius | T shirt COS | Shorts H&M

The not so short shorts

I always find it a struggle in summer to find nice shorts that don’t show your bum cheeks and are a suitable length to wear in the office as well. This especially occurs when looking for denim shorts. However, I found a pair of long denim shorts which hit just above my knee line and are perfect. I don’t have to worry about them looking indescent and I love the vintage look they have to them which is quite unique. This pair is from ASOS but they are everywhere and you can even find vintage pairs in second hand shops, I’m already eyeing up a blue pair. They go perfectly with a simple vest or plain tee, which is also another staple of mine as you can see in the pictures below (also from Urban Outfitters), that has actually transitioned from my spring wardrobe to my summer one.

Chunky sandals

I’m not always one for delicate looking sandals, for me, the chunkier the better. Which is why I invested in a decent pair of Dr Marten sandals as I love the bulky style of them, although it does add a bit of weight to your feet! I’m the same with trainers, I always take a liking to flatforms and chunky soles and if I could have more then I would but sometimes a girl does have too many shoes. I’m also loving the chunky velcro sandals, originating from Teva to other brands now designing their own. Who would have thought velcro would come into style!? For me, chunky sandals look great with skirts or dresses as it creates such a contrast that works so well. I’ve linked various styles below if you want to bulk out your feet this summer!

Left Sandals Ellesse | Middle Sandals Tommy Hilfiger | Right Sandals Teva

There are my top trends that I’ll be wearing in the summer of 2019. What are your favourite trends? Also I’d love to hear your thoughts on the styles I’ve mentioned and whether they’ll be in your wardrobe or you’re not a fan?