Saying hello to the new year

Happy new year! Now 2019 is upon us, it’s the time to start reviewing what you achieved in the past year and what you’d like to achieve in the new year. Looking back on 2018, a lot has happened! I completed my first half marathon and walked 15 miles over night to raise money for cancer. I went on my first holidays with Harry to beautiful Brugge and Lanzarote. I also got to be part of my sister’s wedding as a bridesmaid and watch her walk down the aisle as a beautiful bride. And I also got to enter the new year in I think my favourite ever outfit, this amazing velvet suit from Topshop!

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It was a good year overall but I didn’t manage to achieve everything I wanted to which is absolutely fine. They were always goals for me to be proud of at the end of the year and if not, then I’d try again the following year. Never beat yourself up if you can’t always achieve the goals you set yourself because there is still time and life can get in the way of things. Be proud of whatever you can do.

So now I’m looking at what I want to continue to achieve in 2019 and it’s already a pretty healthy list! I don’t know how others keep note of their goals but I like to list them as a note on my phone so that I can always go back to them and tick them off when done. I get satisfaction from adding a tick mark to items on a list…

Since I started running, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge once or twice a year and also raise money for charity at the same time. This is also to ensure I get off my bum and maintain my ‘see food’ diet. So this year, I’ve decided to move away from the runs and instead torture myself through Tough Mudder! As one of my goals, I’ve got 4 months to train up my puny arms so they don’t break off when pulling myself over a number of obstacles. I’d also like to then sign up to another challenge once completed, I’m contemplating a possible bike ride… we’ll see on that one.

One of my biggest goals that I would like to achieve this year but I am quite scared about is to become more independent and possibly move out as I’m currently still living at home with my parents. This will be a huge step for me as I’ve lived at home the whole 23 years that I have lived but it will be an achievement that I will be most proud about so stay tuned for updates on that later in the year!

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I won’t go through all the goals I’ve set myself for the year cause I’m not sure how interested you are! I’ve got some big goals, as well as smaller ones such as finally getting the tattoo that my best friend drew for me at the beginning of 2018… And of course, there are ones set around my blog engagement and I am hoping to blog at least once a month but don’t hold me on that as I’ve said that many times before! Anyway, I just wanted to share what I’ll hopefully be getting up to over the year and that no matter what you set out for yourself to achieve, be proud of yourself for it and most impotantly enjoy the year!

I’d love to hear what goals you’ve set yourself in 2019, let me know in the comments below! Bye 2018 and hello 2019.