Transitioning into autumn

Reading the title you’re going to think this is a bit of a late post as autumn started last month but with the temperatures recently it might as well have still been summer! So, like me, you may have held off from raiding stores for piles of knitted jumpers and chunky coats to fill your wardrobes but now the coldness has hit, it’s time to get started! That’s where I thought it was the perfect time for this post and share with you, some of my favourite autumn staples that I’m going to be throwing into my wardrobe.

As you can see, I’ve been improvising with what I currently have and layering the summer dresses over t-shirts whilst letting my Dr Martens carry on catching dust. I’ll let you in on a secret, I didn’t even buy this dress in the summer.. I only got it a couple of weeks ago. But, I couldn’t justifying spending £50 on a dress so I patiently waited for it to halve in price and voila, there it is, on my body in the autumn. I actually think it has more of an autumnal vibe than a summer vibe and so I’ve already stocked up on ideas to wear with it, such as a roll neck. A roll neck is my favourite when it’s cold, I’m sure I’ll be adding more to the collection despite the fact I already have about 5 in different shades of black and grey. Also thin jumpers would go well underneath or even cropped jumpers over the top, turning the dress into a skirt and finishing with a cute pair of ankle boots.



Top Topshop / Dress Topshop / Trainers Superga / Bag Zara

Anyway, this post wasn’t meant to be me rambling on about what I wore the other day but instead sharing some of my favourite items that are floating about on my wish lists until pay day.


I wish I could just stick to the few coats I already have every year but there is a part of me that can’t resist adding another to my collection and especially when I’ve been prowling Topshop or ASOS and spotted the below. There is two styles of coats that I can’t decide between. The duster coat and the big puffer coat. The duster coat would look perfect in the day and evening and is so classy whereas the puffer coat just looks so cosy and snug. What do you prefer?

Topshop £55 | Stradivarius £39.99 | New Look £34.99 | Boohoo £60


The king of autumn fashion, the chunky knitwear. I love a good thick jumper or oversized cardigan to throw over a pair of jeans and so I’ve picked out a few of my favourite ones that I’ve spotted, ranging from just a simple jumper to raising the bars with a bit of colour.

Topshop £25 | Topshop £39 | Zara £39.99 | H&M £17.99

Midi skirt

I know skirts aren’t really the first item you tend to go for when it’s cold but I love the co-ordination of cropped jumpers/cardigans with either a silky or animal print midi skirts and ankle boots, I just think it’s too chic to pass up on this season.

Urban Outfitters £42 | Zara £29.99 | Missguided £28 | H&M £29.99

So there are some of my favourite items that I believe are perfect for transitioning your wardrobe this season ready for the low temperatures to hit. I’d love to hear what you’ll be wearing this season and how you’re transitioning, let me know in the comments below!