If I were a baker boy…

Here we are, first post of 2018. Every year I say I’m going to be really on top of blogging and post every week but with working full time and the nights getting dark earlier, it’s hard to keep up. So, I’m just going to say I will try and post as much as I can.

I headed out on the weekend to take my first outfit pictures of 2018 and finished with blue fingers and a Rudolph nose. I’ve discovered there is something so much nicer about men’s jackets than women’s. They’re so much warmer and slightly more stylish and I loved the colour of this red Rains jacket from Topman. Especially when Christmas sales did me justice and brought the price down by half! I wore it over a chic knitted crop jumper, paired with some black frilly hem crop trousers.

I used to really dislike Dr Martens but the more people I saw wearing them, the more I began to like them. They brought out their croc style range last year, so I went out to New York and grabbed myself a pair which are now my most worn shoes! By the way, I went out to NYC for a holiday not just to buy a pair of boots in case you were wondering. I also felt the same about the current in-trend of baker boy hats. I really wanted one but couldn’t picture it on me, so I left it for a few months and finally decided to try one on and well… I walked out with it! I actually received it for Christmas, as well as this reversible shopper bag.

So, there you go, a baker boy/male jacket look that I have stolen for myself and worn on the streets and I love it! I wish you all a happy 2018 and looking forward to this years trends, be prepared to be different.

All outfit details at the bottom.

Top Lipsy / Jacket Rains / Trousers Monki / Boots Dr Martens / Hat Topshop / Bag Topshop