What I’m currently using on my skin

As much as I love autumn and winter, my skin doesn’t seem to be into the colder seasons as much as me. Once temperatures start dropping, I find that my skin starts to suffer and becomes extremely sensitive as it gets dry and itchy. I use a lot of skincare products all year round but mostly this time of the year. I thought I can’t be the only one who suffers so why not share with others my skincare products that I find helps resolves my skin issues!


Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream (RRP £2.45)

This cream can be used for your face, body and hands but I find it best for my hands and feet. I can’t live without hand cream and have at least five tubes stocked on my shelf but I find Nivea to be the most effective out of the lot. It’s really effective in softening the skin on not only my hands but also my feet, keeping them moisturised through the season. It can be a little greasy if you put too much on so just a small amount is needed to soak in otherwise you’ll be rubbibg your hands together for ages!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion (RRP £3.99)

I’ve mentioned this moisturiser before in a previous post which you can see here. I use this on my body to keep the skin revitalised, especially after showers. It’s great for soothing any itchy dry patches and as a plus, it smells amazing! I also have this in a hand cream formula but it can be quite greasy on my hands, maybe that’s just hand cream…


Gioventu Liquid Coconut Oil (RRP £7.99)

I recently received this sample from Gioventu Cosmetics, an organic and cruelty free skincare company. The oil can be used for hair, skin or even your cuticles as a moisturiser. I use the oil as a face moisturiser before bed as I don’t want to have oily skin throughout the day. I add a few drops to my usual moisturiser and just rub over my face after cleansing it in the evenings. I started using it after having a cold and constantly blowing my nose resulting in dry sore skin and have found it so effective that my skin feels much softer and healthier.

Botanics Microdermabrasion Polish (RRP £9.99)

So I have been using quite a lot of Botanics products recently on my face and fallen a little in love with the brand. They sent me this polish which is meant to help boost your skins brightness by rubbing dead skin cells away. I use this on my face once a week as it can be quite rough on the skin, so if you have extremely sensitive skin I wouldn’t recommend. I just rub it gently over my face and wash away with warm water which leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and soft after. My skin definitely looks radiant after using it and I like using it and leaving my skin alone for the day to enhance the effect of the polish.

Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll On (RRP £5.99)

Another Botanics products that I’ve been using is their refreshing eye roll on, which I have mentioned before in my recent post My skincare routine with Botanics. Not only does my skin suffer but so do my eyes, especially as I wear contact lenses, the cold irritates them and makes them incredibly itchy. After taking my lenses out and removing my make up, this is so nice to roll on under my eyes making them feel a little hydrated. It also helps to de-puff your eyes and remove any dark under circles.

So there is my top skincare products that I am using at the moment to get my skin through these colder months. What products do you use to keep your skin refreshed and moisturised?

Thank you for reading my post, all reviews are my own on any products that I have received.