Weekend in Copenhagen

I thought I’d do a slightly different post this week to expand the content of my blog. Last weekend I flew over to Copenhagen and spent two nights there as a birthday present from my boyfriend. It was so cold (-6 degrees!) that it was hard to take any outfit pictures so I thought I would do a post on Denmark’s capital and share images of the places we visited.

The city was quiet and peaceful in January as it is off-peak season but we were lucky to experience a light layer of snow making the city a beautiful white. Copenhagen is connected to Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden, and is only a half hour train journey over the infamous Øresund bridge and I would definitely recommend to take a trip if you are ever in Copenhagen! So below is a mix of pictures in Copenhagen and Malmö of some of the best places we saw.


Tivoli Gardens


Nyhavn harbourfullsizerender-15

Copenhagen Opera Housefullsizerender-9

View of Copenhagen (up the Round Tower)


City Town Hall


The Little Mermaid


Copenhagen Wine Bar


Malmö, Sweden


Malmö, Sweden

The above pictures are of some of the top places we saw in the city and also on our tip to Sweden. Unfortunately, one of the top attractions to see in Copenhagen – Tivoli Gardens. The gardens are a popular tourist attraction as it contains an amusement park founded back in 1843 and contains one of the oldest operating wooden roller coasters!  Nyhavn harbour is a 17th century waterfront district known for it’s colourful houses. Copenhagen opera house, one of the most modern opera houses in the world. A view of Copenhagen up the Round Tower, unfortunately it was incredibly misty after the snow but I still captured a half decent image! Copenhagen City Hall, one of the tallest buildings in Copenhagen. The little mermaid statue, created to resemble the fairy tale told by Hans Christian Anderson. Of course we had to go to a wine bar as there are many in the city and I love my wine! This wine bar, Vinhanen, was one of the cheapest we found in Copenhagen with glasses of wine for less than £5 as Copenhagen can be quite pricey for food and alcohol.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my images of my weekend away and I’d love to hear what you thought of it, whether I should vary my posts more like this or not!