My 5 November Favourites


November is my favourite month, just because it’s my birthday month! So I thought I would write a post, sharing my five favourite items that I have been using this month.

1. Victoria’s Secret ‘Sheer Love’ fragrance mist

Every time I’ve gone on holiday, I have always found a Victoria’s Secret store at the airport on the way home and grabbed myself one of their amazing body mists. The latest one I grabbed was ‘Sheer Love’, made with of the scent of white cotton and pink lily. I love these sprays because they are so useful to carry around instead of a heavy bottle of perfume and just spray throughout the day. The scent’s are so light so people around you aren’t hit by the heavy smell of perfume! Every scent I’ve had has been beautiful so I highly recommend grabbing one.


2. Lush Self-preserving Ocean Salt

I’ve blogged about Lush’s Ocean Salt scrub before but I can’t help blogging about it again! I suffer with dry skin in the colder seasons, as I’m sure many do. I started using this scrub last year and it’s been amazing for my skin. I only use a little bit on my face once or twice a week as it is quite strong but if you are suffering with dry skin, you can use this on face and body and it works wonders. It also makes your skin feel so soft and hydrated, after that you don’t even need to moisturise!


3. Jouer Cosmetics Long-Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick ‘Bronze Rose’

Liquid lipsticks have become top on girl’s make up lists recently, with their long lasting features and easy application. I purchased one from Jouer Cosmetics’ Fall collection recently and I am in love with it. ‘Bronze Rose’ is a deep rose gold with a bronzing metallic layer and is the perfect shade for Autumn. I find I only have to apply it once as it will last so long and doesn’t crumble away. I will definitely be looking to grab some more of these!


4. BeautyBlender Sponge

This innovative make up tool is my favourite item in my make-up bag. I’ve gone through stages of foundation applicating using my hands (worst idea), a brush and various sponges and found a beauty blender to be the best. It blends my foundation perfectly leaving no patches behind! The sponge is so easy and quick to use and gives your face the best coverage with your foundation. I would 100% recommend this item to anyone not using one already.


5. MAC Strobe Cream in ‘Peachlite’

This if my favourite item out of the five in this post. MAC’s strobe cream is an illuminising moisturiser that works magically under foundation or even on top of it! They have just brought it out in a number of shades and if you go in store, they will recommend the best colour for your skin (I was recommended ‘Peachlite’ to match my skin tone). I just squeeze a tiny amount on my hand alongside my foundation to rub along my cheek bones and my T-Zone, adding a slight shimmer to my foundation. I couldn’t quite capture the true essence of the shine in the picture below but you can get a idea of the highlight it adds!


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