Lime Crime Velvetines Collection

I’ve been waiting to do this post for a while now, giving myself enough time to try them out so I can give an honest review of these items. I had heard of the Lime Crime Velvetines collection quite a few times and read good reviews, so I decided it was time to get myself some. Unfortunately they are mainly sold in America so a friend of mine recently went to New York and grabbed me a couple! You can buy them on their website,, but you end up paying quite a bit for postage. However, there is an alternative if you’re not travelling to America any time soon! Love Makeup sell them on their site in the UK website but they often have depleted stocks due to popularity.

I grabbed myself two different shades; Cashmere and Jinx. Cashmere is a cloudy shade of pink whilst Jinx is a deep midnight purple. They are waterproof, gliding onto your lips like lip gloss whilst setting like a lipstick. I’ve been trying them both out and wanted to share my opinion on the products.


Cashmere is the perfect neutral shade for Spring when the sun is out. I like the colour as it easily matches any outfit you’re wearing whether it’s in the daytime or in the evening. You only need to reapply once a day as it stays on perfectly!


Jinx is the opposite of Cashmere as it’s dark shade only works in the evening when the sun has set. The colour is a very deep purple so works better at night time when you’re out for a few drinks or for the whole night in town. Again, you don’t need to reapply which is every girls dream when you’re out! It stays on all night even after eating or sipping on cocktails. However, this can be a disadvantage too as its a nightmare to take off!


My overall opinion on the collection is that I love it! I always have a problem with having to reapply my lipstick 3 times throughout the day whereas with these you only need to apply once. I  would also recommend purchasing a lip liner alongside it to help with the shaping on your lips as I find it incredibly hard to make the outline look neat!


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