Florida lookbook

Originally, I was going to write a post called ‘Florida in film’ but unfortunately my film camera was knocked about in my bag whilst walking around Disneyworld and somehow I ended up using all 36 pictures even though I only remembered taking two… So instead I’m going to share with you a whole new post sharing some of my favourite holiday outfits I wore whilst away in the USA.

So Florida was hot. Ranging between 35 to 38 degrees (celcius that is). And as you can imagine, walking around theme parks in that heat meant that no woman could get away with saying ‘women don’t sweat, we pespire’. So there I was, packing trousers and a jacket for evenings in case I got cold, to be left folded away in my suitcase for the whole two weeks. But I took plenty of other clothes, which I did have to plan out beforehand as it’s hard to fit your whole wardrobe in one suitcase…


Outfit 1 – Dress from Topshop / Dr Marten sandals / Bag from Topshop

This is my favourite dress and I’m so happy that Topshop have brought it out in more patterns, which have all been added to my wishlist, of course. It’s the perfect holiday dress with it being so airy and so pretty and also only £39, which you can’t say no to.

I was worried about how my Dr Marten sandals would be on my feet, as they can take a while to wear in, but luckily they caused me no worries. I must admit I did end up living in my birkenstocks in the day though because these were black and there were too many straps for the heat so they were worn mostly in evenings.


Outfit 2 – Romper from Topshop / Dr Marten sandals / Headband from H&M / Bag from H&M / Plaster from Asda

I bought this romper the day before I went on holiday and am so into it. These £39 Topshop items are becoming the better of me! It was a bit thick and heavy to wear in the day but perfect for watching an evening American baseball game. Again worn with my favourite sandals and the trending accessory of 2019, a cute alice band. It was even accompanied by a lovely plaster on my knee following the scraping of it at the waterpark earlier that day, which I reckon is a look.


Outfit 3 – Cami from Urban Outfitters / Skirt from Mango (from last year) / Bag from Gucci / Dr Marten sandals

I didn’t jump on the bandwagon of the fluorescent colours at first and I’m not 100% on it now but lime green I’ve had to make an exception to – especially when I read that bright green helps show off your tan! This top was easy to wear as well, especially when spending the day outlet shopping, and worked well with a white skirt.


Outfit 4 – Bodysuit from H&M / Skirt from Zara (from last year) / Dr Marten sandals / Bag from H&M

I’ve been so impressed by H&M’s summer range this year, especially when it’s so affordable. This bodysuit and string bag were only a tenner each! This skirt was bought last year from Zara and is the perfect holiday skirt so I’m sure it will continue to be packed in my suitcase when spending time in the sun. However, I have shared a link at the bottom of this post to a pair of shorts which are a very similar style (also from H&M and a decent price).


Outfit 5 – Jumpsuit from ASOS / Bag from Gucci / Shoes from Topshop (from last year)

My final favourite outfit was this jumpsuit. Worn in the evening but I definitely could have worn in the day as it is so loose and comfortable making it ideal for hiding the american food baby. It contrasted really nicely with these white shoes which were soon to be not so nice as they blistered my feet, very sad.

There was a lot more outfits that I would have loved to share but one, I didn’t want to drag this post out with 14 outfits and two, most days the heat didn’t do any justice on my face and hair so a lot of nice pictures for the blog were avoided. However, you can find some more outfits over on my Instagram as I continue to post holiday photos to make myself feel better about the long lost British summer!