Getting ready for Christmas

Not long to go now till the big day and I really can’t get enough of Christmas! I normally don’t do anything Christmassy until the 1st December but this year I’ve done things differently. I went and bought a gift on my birthday (26th November) and then even sang along to Christmas tunes whilst walking around London zoo on the 30th November… now if that’s not rebelling then I don’t know what is. If you’re not quite feeling that festive spirit yet or unsure on ideas for wrapping and last minute gift ideas, then I’ve put together this post for you. All about getting ready for Christmas and hopefully by the end of it you’ll be feeling it in your fingers like Bill Nighy.

Tuning the playlist

First and most vital thing to do is getting that festive playlist up and running. Everything you do throughout December up until the 25th should consist of Christmas singing. Best way to feel Christmassy! So, I’ve listed my top 5 favourite songs to listen to in the festive season below, I think a lot of them are on your lists anyway, well I’d hope.

1. Christmas (Baby please come home) – Darlene Love

2. Underneath the tree – Kelly Clarkson

3. Do they know its Christmas? – Band Aid

4. Step into Christmas – Elton John

5. Santa coming for us – Sia

What’s your favourite Christmas tune and is always on your December playlist?

Sprucing up the tree

I’m sure by now you’ve all got your tree up or if not, some sort of decoration hitting your walls. If not, then you better get started! This year I’ve had the joy of decorating two trees, my parents and my boyfriends, in the space of two days as well because I was so eager.

If you’re holding back because of how expensive they can be then take your time to shop around. Amazon has some really delicate baubles and pretty tree decorations for a lower price. I’ve also heard that Aldi has some good quality lights! You could go even cheaper and make your own using dried out oranges! You don’t need to spend a lot for your place to look nice.

Baking those goods

It’s the best time of the year to test your baking skills out and especially if you are struggling with money, then it’s a great and lesser expensive idea for gifts. I just wanted to give a much more of a handmade touch this year, alongside the wrapping, so decided I would give making fudge a go. I’ve only started to learn to cook over the past couple of years so this was quite a risky idea, but after some perserverance, I gave it a go.

After watching many videos and multiple recipes to decipher what ‘soft ball stage’ meant and then almost having an explosion from moving from one saucepan to another. We managed to make a batch of vanilla fudge, which we then cut into chunks and transferred into these cute vintage sweet jars. The good thing about fudge is that it keeps for 2-3 weeks, or I hope so…

It was actually quite easy to make once I got the hang of it and is a great last minute gift idea!

Last minute gift guide

That leads me into providing some ideas for last minute gifts if you’re struggling but make sure you get ordering soon before the Christmas delivery dates kick in!

Gifts for her under £30

Gifts for him under £30

Wrapping your gifts

I’ve decided this year to do something different when wrapping my presents and help the environment by using recyclable paper. A lot of wrapping paper that you can purchase in shops will have a plastic sheen to it, making it unrecyclable and bad for the environment.


At first, I wasn’t sure how my presents would look nice in standard brown paper but after spending hours scrolling through Pinterest, I found so many inspiring images of how to spruce it up. Which is exactly what I did. Using a bit of string, rosemary and mini bells, I would say they’ve come out pretty nicely! For someone who’s not usually of a creative mind like me, download the Pinterest app on your phone and you’ll find plenty of inspiration! Then gather up some string and decorative bits from eBay and Bob’s your uncle.

Are you excited for Christmas? What’s got you in the festive mood this year? I’d love to know and hope you enjoyed reading my post!