My current interests

Wow it’s been over 2 months since I last blogged, where has the time gone!? And now it’s Autumn! I apologize for the absence, I’ve just been so preoccupied and had little time to focus on my blog. So I thought the best comeback post would be to catch you all up with what I’m loving at the moment and what I’ve been up to recently and some final summer outfit pictures (crying as I say bye to summer).


There’s a few beauty products that I’ve been using recently that I think are great. The first being Palmers Bronze Body Lotion. I don’t tend to use fake tan much but when I do I prefer to use a build up moisturiser so I receive a more natural look and don’t stain sheets, which is why Palmers is brilliant. It’s a really good moisturiser as well as adding that slight tan and tends to show up within 24 hours, blending in with your current skin tone and even better it’s also only £6! I’ll definitely be back on this product once my holiday tan fades!

Another product I’ve been obsessed with is The Body Shop’s banana hair range but to top it all off they’ve expanded the range and introduced a shower gel! I’m constantly using it and also constantly smelling like a banana but it is amazing and I really recommend giving it a sniff if not purchasing it. I also recently ran out of mascara and I didn’t fancy spending a lot of money on a new one so I thought I would give MUA a try, especially when it only cost me £3. I must say it is possibly the best and cheapest mascara I’ve ever used, almost better than a lot of expensive ones. It works really well in spreading the lashes apart and doesn’t clump them together, giving a really natural look to my eyelashes which is exactly what I’m after.

Since Love Island finished, I’ve been struggling to find things to watch but after rummaging through Netflix I decided to sit down and watch The Staircase. Without giving too much away, its a documentary around a trial against a man on the death of his wife falling down stairs. If you’re into documentaries then I really recommend giving it a watch, it’s really captivating and also quite emotional. I never used to be interested in documentaries but Netflix changed my mind and now I won’t go back. I also can’t quite let go of Love Island and have been watching the Australian version which I’m now hooked on. There is so much more drama and partner stealing then the UK version which is very entertaining, it’s all now on ITV player! I’ve also been watching catch ups on old detective programmes such as The Unforgotten and now Luther which are both brilliant, worth a watch if you enjoy thrillers.


I can’t stop listening to Years & Years recently new album Palo Santo. I love Years & Years and saw them at Pride last year which was so good and I feel as if they get better with each album they bring out. I recommend having a listen as it’s a mixture of slow songs to their more upbeat stuff and is such an easy listen. Another album I am really fond of and is very contrasting to Years & Years is Nicki Minaj’s also recently new album Queen. I’ve always been obsessed with her but sometimes her songs are so hit or miss whereas I like a lot of songs on this album and it’s really fun to listen to. 

There’s so many trends I’ve been loving throughout the summer season and am hoping will carry throughout autumn. I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me but the comeback of animal prints was the best. I must admit I used to think it could look quite tacky but so many high street stores have smashed it and turned it around. I’ve seen so many nice dresses and skirts in either leopard print or snake print and now some amazing trousers from Zara which have all been saved to my wish list. Another trend I’ve loved is beaded bags. I just recently ordered a transparent beaded bag from Zara which I’m in love with it but Mango also has an amazing range. They’re such a unique trend and look so classy for an evening outfit!


So the past couple of months I’ve got a lot more into my exercise and been trying to mix up my workouts from just running so they’re a bit more exciting. I always believe that if you’re not enjoying an exercise then don’t force yourself to do it otherwise it will be 10x harder and I’ve found recently that my love for running isn’t what it was when I first started, hence the need to mix it up. I recently decided I wanted to give skipping a go and bought myself an exercise rope. I’m not going to lie but it is so knackering and really hard. However, so far the workouts I’ve done I’ve enjoyed and felt really good after. I’m going to build myself up so I can do more moves but if you’re looking for a new form of exercise then grab a rope and give it a go!

Quite a lot of talking about what I love and been up to but I feel that was a good catch up! What have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comments below!