How Instagram can impact on self confidence



I spoke recently in a post about self love and how it’s important to think about yourself from time to time and give yourself some loving. I wanted to carry on from that a bit and talk about how Instagram has such an impact on self confidence especially as the other day I had a little bit of a down moment about my Instagram account. I’m not going to lie and say I hate Instagram because quite frankly I love the social media platform, I love seeing people’s pictures of their outfits, what they’re doing or places they’ve been.

I’ve had Instagram for over 5 years now and I remember when I first started posting I used to get excited about those 9 likes turning to 10 and seeing a number instead of peoples names. I’ve then gone through phases of loving it and hating it as I’ve never been sure about where it sits for me. And now, with my follower count and engagement increasing, I feel finally settled with it. However, it’s not always my best friend and I find the platform can really put me on a downer.




Why do I suddenly feel settled now that I have more followers and receiving a 100 likes? I used to get over 10 likes and be really happy whereas now I can be wearing an outfit that I love, proudly upload it onto Instagram and not receive the engagement I wanted and suddenly my mood has crashed and I’m questioning myself why others didn’t like it. I then compare my engagement to other peoples accounts who are receiving a ton of likes and start wondering whether I should be more like them and spend more time on my pictures and that my quality is rubbish compared to them. It’s funny how a simple like can change your mood so quickly. That shouldn’t be the case, we’re all different in so many ways and it’d be boring if we were all the same! A like is just a simple tap on someones phone, don’t let it get to you and think about those who have complimented that outfit on you and the positivity you receive from that (I’m also talking to myself with these top tips…).



Another aspect that can impact my self confidence is follower count. I don’t have a big amount of followers and I’ve tried to never focus much on the number. But I’m not going to lie and there has been times where I stress about that number though as so many platforms or brands only want to work with those who have a huge following. I feel as if I’m not good enough and won’t get anywhere unless I have a big number on my Instagram page. However, smaller brands have reached out to me and I’ve built great rapports with them and produced work that we’ve both been happy with and enjoyed the experience, feeling proud that I’ve been appreciated. Obviously it’s great when you’re notice by a huge company but you can’t force people to follow you and why would you want to. Your followers should be those who admire your pictures whether that’s a big number of people or not, they are interested in you and what you do and thats what matters. Always quality over quantity!

We’ve just got to remember that everyone is unique and we should all be proud of what we achieve and admire ourselves, don’t let Instagram or any other social media platform be the factor of your own admiration! I’ve learnt to enjoy taking my pictures and seeing them together and be proud of that confidence I’ve built up. That doesn’t mean I don’t have moments of self doubt cause I do, a lot. But I tell myself that my thoughts are my own worst enemy and sit down and look at what I’ve done and that I should be proud just as anyone else should be.

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