Carbon Cocoa review: does charcoal really whiten the teeth?

Everyone dreams of a perfect smile with sparkling white teeth, attempting it with various teeth whitening tools. I’ve tried multiple toothpastes and gels and never found any of them to work incredibly well. Recently I was sent this natural teeth whitening kit from Carbon Coco, containing a pot of activated charcoal tooth polish, activated charcoal tooth paste and a toothbrush made of bamboo bristles. Charcoal is meant to be the secret ingredient to effective teeth whitening as it ‘removes external stains without toxic chemicals’.

So I thought, well it’s meant to be the most effective way so let’s put it to the test and see the results for myself. I’m going to review each of the steps you have to take and then reveal my final outcome of the process and whether I believe that charcoal is the secret ingredition to white teeth.


Activated charcoal tooth polish

This comes in a little pot and is like a powder. The first step is to wet the bamboo toothbrush a little and then dip in the polish and brush over your teeth for 2/3 minutes. The good thing about the polish is that it’s odourless as I was worried there would be an odd taste because of the powdery texture. However, it can be extremely messy, especially when you’re a dribbler like me. I tend to have to do this step in the shower so it’s easy to wash off. Also, piece of advice, don’t breathe in when you first place the toothbrush in your mouth as you inhale the powder and it can make you cough splattering black powder everywhere… apologies for the detail but thought I’d give my top tip of the day!


Bamboo bristle toothbrush

So the toothbrush is made up of bamboo bristles. I really like this toothbrush, which isn’t something I’d ever thought I’d say about a toothbrush. The bristles are quite soft but you can feel them working when brushing without being too harsh on the gums, like you get with some toothbrushes, or even having to scrub hard at your teeth. Makes brushing your teeth slightly effortless as it does it’s job so well.

Activated charcoal toothpaste

After you’ve polished your teeth and rinsed it all out of your mouth (and off the bathroom walls), then you brush your teeth with the activated charcoal toothpaste for another 2/3 minutes. This now has a minty taste making your mouth to start feeling refreshed. I’d recommend just a small bit of the toothpaste is necessary as it creates quite a bit of lather.

It’s quite a long process to do every morning and night and it’s recommended to keep up for 7 to 14 days before seeing results. However it does a very thorough cleanse of your teeth and makes them feel really refreshed after. Now for the results. I brushed my teeth like this for about 3 weeks and I must admit, I was expecting more of a result then I got. There’s been a slight difference in colour and I feel my teeth are a little bit brighter. However I went in expecting a much brighter colour especially after seeing others results, which may be the wrong image to have. My teeth do generally feel better for cleaning like this and I will keep using for another few weeks in the hope of a more obvious result but currently I’m not 100% satisfied that charcoal works much better than a normal whitening tooth paste does.

Have you tried Carbon Coco or any other teeth whitening products? Have they worked for you?

All reviews are my own in this post. Link for the kit is here if you want to try it out for yourself.