Exploring Brugge

If you follow me on social media, you will most likely know that I went to Belgium earlier this month and stayed in the cute little city of Brugge. I don’t usually tend to write about my travels but I know that when I go away I sometimes prefer recommendations from those who’ve been before as you’ll always find little treasures that you won’t necessarily read about in those typical city guides – also incredibly helpful I must say.

So I travelled to Brugge via Eurostar, which was a first for me, with my boyfriend who had actually bought the trip for me as a birthday present! It was one of the nicest city’s that I’ve been to. Cobbled streets led everywhere with a small chocolatier round every corner and unique beer shops on every street. It had such a calming atmosphere rather than the hustle and bustle of a normal city filled with tourists and you could walk everywhere as it’s quite small.

We did all the typical tourist sights such as climbing 366 steps up the Belfry tower to gain a beautiful view of the city, as well as, reading all about how chocolate is made in the chocolate museum and tasting Belgian chocolates. We also learnt about potatoes and why Belgian fries are the best in the chip museum, which was slightly amusing…



As you may know, Belgium is known for not only its waffles, fries and chocolate but also their beer. My boyfriend had been set a challenge to try as many beers he could so we did beer tasting in bars as well as walking around an old beer brewery, which led to him trying 22! I even drank some myself which I’ve never done before, I’m more of a glass of wine or prosecco kind of girl (most likely a bottle). They also have a wall made out of their famous beers, which is great for guys to take photos in front of.

Not only did we drink lots of alcohol but also the best hot chocolate in the world! It was like sipping on melted chocolate, none of the powdery rubbish. Despite the constant consumption of food and drink, it’s a beautiful place to just walk around and see some incredible buildings and churches on the way and take it all in. You can also take a canal boat and view sights that you wouldn’t see by foot for only €8!



So I would definitely recommend taking a short trip to the city but one tip! Be prepared to spend on the food as it isn’t cheap, but so worth it. What’s your favourite city you’ve been to?