Higher Nature

I recently received these four products from Higher Nature, a British company who sell nutritional supplements. All of their products are naturally sourced and ethical, as well as being beneficial to your health. I was sent a jar of Alka-Bathe, MSM Rose body lotion, Organice Virgin Coconut Oil and Nails & Hair Formula. I’ve been trying out these products in the past couple of weeks and wanted to share my thoughts on them so far.

Alka Bathe

This clip-top jar comes with a scoop and is made up of alkalising minerals to help detox the body by drawing out acid waste products. I’ve used it a couple of times when having a bath, just by pouring a couple of spoonful’s into the running water. First impressions was that I loved the little jar it came in, which looks so sleek on the bathroom shelf. What I liked about it was the salt quickly dissolved in the water rather than sit at the bottom of the bath and tickle you whilst trying to relax – highly irritating with bath salts! There was no scent or bubbles but after 20 minutes of relaxing, I left the bath and noticed there was a softness to my skin and I felt really refreshed. I do love my bubble baths but there was a very different, much calmer sensation with the Alka-Bathe.

MSM Lotion Rose

I also received this lotion, which can be used on both your hands and body, containing Rose Geranium, Palmarosa oils, Rose Extract, Aloe Vera, Shea butter and 10% of MSM, which is a formula that helps ease the joints. Body lotion is one of my favourite types of skincare, there is nothing nicer then coming out the shower or bath and moisturising your body. However, my one issue with this lotion is that it claims there is a slight scent but I can’t seem to smell it and I love a scented lotion. I’ve used it on my legs quite a bit, especially after shaving. Unlike some lotions that sting my skin, this one didn’t and instead made them feel smooth and hydrated. I’d much prefer it if had a slight smell but other than that, it has worked wonders on my skin!

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

I haven’t used the coconut oil as of yet but it’s sitting in the kitchen waiting to be used as we don’t tend to use a lot of oil in the house. The coconut oil is a supplement for using non-virgin oil when cooking as it doesn’t raise cholesterol levels and is a source of energy. It can also be used instead of butter when baking and is said to be perfect for a raw food diet!

Nails & Hair Formula

The final product I received was a pot of tablets which are specially formulated of nutrients for your nails and hair. I’ve always seen these type of tablets and never been 100% sure about them but thought I would give them a go, especially as I paint my nails every day and they become so weak when taking the varnish off. I’ve been taking these every day for the past week and it’s hard to notice any obvious changes straight away. So, I’m going to keep taking them and I’m sure I will notice much more of an improvement, hopefully in my hair too!

All products are available on their website to buy and all reviews in this post on the products are my own!