My skincare routine with Botanics

Recently I was asked to become an ambassador for Botanics which I was excited about after hearing a lot about them. Botanics came about in 1995 and are a natural skincare company using plant extracts from all over the world that match the skin including ingredients such as rosehip or hibiscus.

Botanics have kindly sent me a few of their products over the last month, which I’ve been using for my morning and afternoon skincare routines and wanted to share my thoughts about them!

Organic hydrating day cream

Every morning I wash my face with a facial wash and then I start my day with this day cream to keep it moistured. I always worry with moisturisers and creams that they will be greasy on the face and not sink into the skin, I found I don’t need to worry with this cream. It contains rosehip extract and leaves the skin feeling really soft, it also smells really fresh and not too perfumed. The only advice I have is that don’t dig a load out, it’s quite a thick cream and you only need a small amount which spreads.

All bright refreshing eye roll-on

I haven’t been using it for very long but I’ve been using this eye roll-on in the mornings and evenings. It’s formulated with hibiscus extract and helps to reduce dark circles under the eyes. I don’t tend to suffer with dark circles under my eyes luckily, however, if I have had little sleep then I do find my eyes to go slightly puffy which this roll-on is meant to help with. The item arrived at a perfect time as I have been recently ill with an irritating cough and also very busy that my sleep has become affected. I have found that using the roll-on has indeed helped to de-puff my eyes and really hydrates my under eye area.

All bright micellar 3 in 1 cleansing solution

I usually use Garnier’s micellar cleansing water but have taken a break from it to try this out. The first time I used the water, I did find it to slightly sting my face but it wasn’t painful. I’ve carried on using it as it may just be that it’s adjusting to my skin and it no longer stings. I use it in the evenings to remove my make up and help cleanse my skin from a long day. I only need a couple of drops onto a cotton pad to remove all my make up and instantly I can feel how refreshed it has made my skin. This also contains hibiscus extract.

Organic refreshing toning spritz

This is another new skincare product for me alongside the eye roll-on. I’ve never actually heard of a toning spritz before so I was really intrigued to find out what it actually does. It is made up of organic rose water and is meant to help purify and refresh skin after cleansing. I use it in the evenings once I have used the cleansing solution and just spray a few times over my face with my eyes closed. I’ve always used moisturiser on my face morning and night but since using the spray, my skin has felt so hydrated that it hasn’t needed moisturising in the evenings. It’s also really nice to spray before you go to bed as it helps calm my skin down so its ready for a nights sleep.

These are great products, doing exactly what they say they will for a really affordable prcie. If you’re interested in any then just head over to the Boots website and grab some, you can also use code ‘BOTANICS2’ and save £2!
If you have tried out these products before then leave me a comment on your thoughts as well! All reviews are my own.