Last weekend I went to another of Scarlett London’s blogger events, #BlogConLDN. Her events are incredibly useful if you want to build your blogging network as they are a good way of meeting other bloggers and connecting with small brands.

I received a few items when speaking with some of the brands there, such as Merumaya, Lola’s Apothecary and Jouvé, as well as getting my nails done with The Glam App! I’ve been using a few of the products for a week now and just wanted to share my views on my favourite ones…

White Glo Diamond Series Teeth Whitening

I’ve never been very interested in whitening my teeth, I’ve tried a few whitening toothpastes and not found them to make much difference but I wanted to give this product a go. I’ve been using their teeth whitening kit every day for a week now by just applying gel to the retainer and then using the toothpaste as support every evening. If you’re looking for instant results then the product isn’t for you as it can take a while but I would say after a week I’m definitely seeing a whiter shade to my teeth and I will definitely carry on using it! You can buy the kit from Boots and Superdrug as well.


Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm

I went to the Bloggers Festival back in September and received a sample size of Merumaya’s Beauty Oil (I actually received about 4 samples and I am now on my last one!). I spoke to them at the event and got introduced to their cleansing balm. I highly recommend it as it is one of the nicest cleansers I’ve used. It makes my skin feel so fresh and soft whilst also smelling amazing! I follow it with the beauty oil mixed in with my moisturiser at night time after taking my make up off. The brand is also cruelty free.


Lola’s Apothecary Delicate Romance Body & Massage Oil

Lola’s Apothecary had an amazing set up at the event with a slight Beauty and the Beast theme (pictures below). They were handing out  miniature versions of their body and massage oil. I’m starting to use more oils now as I find them much better than moisturisers for dry skin. This oil is so nice to use on your body after a shower and smells amazing! They are also a cruelty free brand, which is always a plus.

I always like to try out new stuff from small brands and these type of events are perfect for finding them. Below are some other pictures from the event.