My Eyebrow Routine

It’s been two months since my last blog post! I’ve been so busy lately that I decided to have a break from blogging until I was emailed last week with a request to do a post on how I do my eyebrows.

I wouldn’t say I’m a make-up guru, especially when it comes to brows. In fact, eyebrows are the one area in beauty that I am still trialling until I find the perfect shape for my face. Brows have become a very important part in girls morning routine, almost to the point no one can be seen leaving their home without filling them in! I can’t quite grasp those amazing high definition eyebrows to work with my face so I keep it easy and as natural looking as I can.

I use four beauty tools every morning when doing my brows, which are essential in my make-up bag. From my previous blog ‘My 5 Beauty Favourites‘, I spoke about how NARS oil-free primer  is my no.1 primer for my face, well it also works perfectly with your eyebrows! Just before I start shading in my brows I make sure I have smoothed primer over them to ensure they are easy to shape and also to keep my brows on all day.


I start with the brush end of Rimmel London’s Professional eyebrow pencil to brush the primer through the brows. Then, using MAC’s Waterproof Brow Set in ‘Bold Brunette’, I brush the colour through my brows. This two tools are brilliant for achieving au natural brows.

Plucking your brows are the hardest part, trying to find that perfect shape. However, Itend to pluck my brows once after I have filled them in because the shape is already outlined and it is so much easier.Once they are shaded in, I use Benefit High Beam highlighter under my brows to help outline the shape (it’s also good for hiding any unwanted hairs which you haven’t got round to plucking). I brush a little bit under the ends of my eyebrows and blend it in using Spectrum’s Medium Fluffy Shader brush, I highly recommend Spectrum’s brushes but that’s another blog post for another time!

I hope I haven’t rambled on but shown you an insight into part of my make-up routine and hopefully provided a few tips for yourself! Another great post to read about how to fill in your eyebrows is Anna Speckharts post on Into The Gloss, definitely worth reading!


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